How to contribute

Use The App

To make the dive log work we need the just a few pieces of information for each site :

  •  The dive site name.
  •  The country
  •  The location – provided by the device’s GPS.
  •  Where the actual site is relative to the GPS reading. Pick from a choice of 4 options.

It only takes a few seconds to enter the basic info.

If you have the time, inclination and local knowledge to fill out more, that’s fantastic. Instead of clicking the save button, you click the “tap to save and add details’ option at the bottom of the screen. Adding other data is mostly done by sliders and taps to make it quick and easy.

More is nice, but we’d rather you sent us multiple dive sites with the basic details than just one with them all.

Information can be submitted for ‘with credit’ or without. Just add your name , or a business name and a website. If you added a note on the dive site the link will appear next to it in the forthcoming logbook app.

You can download the app here.

Send us information.

If you have a list of dive site locations that you are happy to share, please email them to us. We can handle most common file formats. Even lists of dive sites name in an area without the GPS data is useful.

Get others involved

Use the ‘Tell Friends’ option in the Splash Dive Site Logger app to spread the word  or share this web site on social media.

Leave a positive review on the App Store. This can be make a difference in others downloading the app and contributing to the data.

Show the app to dive staff when you go diving.

A few important points.

  •  No data is better than bad data. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, leave it blank.
  • More entries with just the basic location data is more useful than just one with everything.
  •  Multiple contributors for each site allows us to verify location and other data accuracy. Log populars site as well as less popular ones. Don’t assume its been done.
  • Review your entry, make changes and when you are happy hit the submit button on the home screen. One considered entry, a little later, is easier to process than multiple submissions for the same site.
  • Don’t forget to add your name and website in settings to get in app credit for submissions.