Why Bother ?

Publicise your business.  It’s free to take part.

We’re not building just a log book. People will be able to search for a dive facility near their current location, or their intended destination, look up information on that dive facility and link out to the dive centers’ web page.

You can quickly enter your dive center details using the Splash Dive Site Logger app.

No iPhone? Get a staff member to install it or ask a guest to. it’ll only take a few minutes to add your dive centres details.

Be Bold. Become a ‘Data Partner’

The most helpful dive shops in an area, in terms of dive site data submitted will be displayed in bold in the dive site directory.

Dive sites descriptions will also be tagged with their contributors name and website. That could be your company’s name in front of potential customers when they are browsing dive locations.

Busy? Of course you are.  Encourage your dive staff or dive master trainees to download the iOS app. Get them to enter your business name and website on the setting’s screen and start recording information about your local sites. Maybe assign it as part of their job – see if you can own all the references to your local dive sites.

Other ways to contribute.

  • Lists

If you have a list of dive sites and their locations that you are happy to share, please email them to us. Comprehensive lists of local dive sites gets you Data Partner status and ensures your listing stands out from the crowd.

  • Share your dive sites descriptions.

Some dive companies have great descriptions of their local dives already on their website. If you do and are willing to share them with us, please contact us. If we use your descriptions in the log book app a link to your website will be displayed alongside it.

Secret Sites and Fishing Concerns

To answer dive centers concerns about revealing locations of sites only they know about, or sites in remote areas being unknown to fishermen, a ‘Dive site location to be public’ option to has been added. Set this to ‘No’ and the dive log app will not reveal the specific latitude or longitude of the dive site to the user. It will just use the data to automatically fill in the name of a dive site when a diver hits the log dive button.


If you have any questions please email me.